Advisory Board Chairman

Jimmy Takter got involved very early in the life of EquineX. In the summer of 2018, just prior to his retirement from day to day training of Standardbred horses, Jimmy saw an opportunity to play a new role in the equine industry that extends beyond Standardbreds. Jimmy recognized that horse racing needs to attract new and younger owners, which will only be possible if the industry collectively addresses the “integrity” issues that have inherently and adversely affected the industry for decades. Jimmy’s belief is, that advancements in technology, such as the micro-chipping of horses, is the natural, logical and best solution to addressing these issues. EquineX is proud to have Jimmy as a founder and partner of the Company and believes that his expertise transcends the Standardbred segment of the equine industry into all others.

Team Members
Paul Simmonds

After graduating from the University of Toronto, Paul co-founded and was Vice President of the Dynacharge group of companies. Having achieved dramatic growth and a market leading position in consumer rechargeable batteries, Dynacharge was successfully sold to Duracell in 1985. In 1992, Paul co-founded ClubLink Corporation, Canada’s largest golf course company and from 1992-1996, he was Executive Vice President. He was President of King Valley Golf Club from 1993 -1996.

In 1986, Paul entered the Standardbred racehorse business as an owner and became a breeder in 1990. The first mare that he bred was Armbro Gaelic, whose first foal was World Champion Wesgate Crown. Wesgate Crown was 2 year old trotter of the year in 1993 and aged trotter of the year in 1997, earning $2,650,000 in his career. Wesgate Crown set two world records, won multiple international stakes races, sired 397 offspring and is inducted into the Canadian Racing Hall of Fame. Paul continues to breed and own standardbred racehorses.

In January, 2018, Paul Co-founded EquineX Ltd; a software platform designed to create a suite of equine management tools to make stables, breeding farms and veterinary practices more efficient and more responsive to the unmet needs of the industry, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all horses in every discipline.

Derek Ivany

In January, 2018, Derek Co-founded EquineX, when he envisioned that the equine industry was primed for disruption. Derek had previously owned in partnership, Standardbred racehorses, but became frustrated at the lack of presence that technology had on the business, and he saw this as an opportunity.

Derek is a self-made entrepreneur who most recently took his last business; which he founded; to a $250,000,000 market cap, before exiting. Derek has had several other business successes both in Canada and Europe and has a special talent in creating and building brands.

Derek’s vision for EquineX, is to build a global equine business with the core of the EquineX platform being fed by an extensive suite of unique and leading edge apps, bringing transparency and accountability to an industry where it has been severely lacking.

Dr Barry Carter (DVM)

Dr Carter is the owner of Firethorn Equine Services, operating in Lancaster Ohio. Dr Carter has been a champion of “ out of competition testing” for the racing industry in the state of Ohio.

“Out of competition testing” is a simple process, whereas a public training center or private farm would be able to be easily licensed by the Ohio State Racing Commission (OSRC). Barry Carter stated. “By being licensed, it would allow the OSRC to walk onto a property at any time and test/or examine any racehorse.”

He and four other highly regarded veterinarians in the state of Ohio, proposed to the Ohio State Racing Commission that implementing this policy in the state would serve as a strong deterrent to those few dishonest trainers ‘doping’ their horses in horse racing.

Leaders in the Veterinary community like Dr Carter, prompted EquineX to form an “Equine Veterinary Advisory Board”, which Barry has agreed to lead. Dr Carter, like so many veterinarians in his field, believe that the integrity of his profession is at stake if the “doping” of racehorses isn’t addressed by all stakeholders in the equine industry. Dr Carter will play a pivotal role in the development of the Vet App currently being tested at EquineX, which is scheduled for release in June 2020.

Bryan Montgomery

Bryan has served the equine industry as an equine agent and insurance broker since the mid 1980’s. He founded and owns his own brokerage company, Regency Livestock Insurance. Bryan is a well known and highly respected figure in Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Equestrian circles and has been a reliable and very knowledgeable consultant to many successful horse owners for several decades. Bryan became an advisor to EquineX in the Company’s early days, providing insightful views on the racing industry. He has been very instrumental in determining the direction of EquineX , putting the Company on the right path to address and solve many of the problems currently facing the industry. Bryan is also consulting on how EquineX can address the needs of the equine insurance business, by making transparency and accountability the cornerstone of the EquineX platform, where secure and tamperproof lifetime veterinary records should be mandatory prior to attaining insurance.

Radu Puscasu

With over 19 years of experience, Radu has been heavily involved in creating meaningful customer relationship experiences through technology. Leveraging his extensive experience across multiple platforms, Radu stretches the boundaries of marketing automation platforms to maximize their value. His expertise ranges from development tools to database management, database programming and content management systems. He also comes certified with Aprimo Systems and Silverpop Fundamentals.

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