Equinex Responds to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Its Impact on Horse Racing

EquineX is committed to helping the racing community come through these very challenging times.
Many owners, trainers and their staff as well as their suppliers, are facing extreme hardship as a
result of the uncertainty caused by COVID-19 as it has forced the closure of all standardbred
racetracks across North America and has delayed the start of scheduled race meets at others.

EquineX will donate 20% of its revenue from subscriptions for its inaugural racing series, which will
be directed to those individuals and stables most in need, to ensure their survival. EquineX will
work with the USTA and Standardbred Canada in the prompt distribution of these funds.

The determination of how these funds will be distributed in Canada versus the United States, will
be made on the basis of where the horse being registered has been sired. For example, if the horse
registered is sired by Cantab Hall, the 20% donation will be directed to those in need in the
United States.

We would ask that anyone who knows of someone in particular who’s experiencing extraordinary
hardship, that you contact us at (647) 355- 4479 or info@equinex.com so that we may reach out
to those individuals directly or refer them to the USTA or Standardbred Canada. All referrals and
assistance will be kept confidential and EquineX will do its very best to have all proceeds
distributed within two weeks of receiving them.

EquineX hopes that all of you, your families and your horses come through this very trying
time, safely.

Derek Ivany
EquineX North America

Register your 2 year olds today and contribute to the COVID-19 hardship fund.