The first stock market for racehorse ownership

Our proprietary data-driven algorithm identifies racehorses with the greatest potential. We offer these expertly-vetted assets to you in the form of fractional ownership, allowing you to participate at a fraction of the normal cost.

Buy fractional shares
Choose racehorses from our stable based on millions of collected data points on more than 10,000 potential assets reviewed.
Earn winnings
Watch your horse race online—winnings from your horse will be deposited directly to your digital wallet within hours, not weeks.

Our Smart Contract eliminates paperwork and automates manual tasks

Secure veterinary records
Private health records
Pedigree analysis
Realtime reporting data
Microchip analysis
Integrated trainer tools
Digital Equine Certificate
Regulatory approval
Electronic billing
Cloud uploading
Collaboration tools


One platform for all of your racehorse management needs

Record your secure veterinary records on the spot
The EquineX platform ensures that a secure, real-time and tamperproof record is established at that moment the procedure is performed. To ensure ease of use for the Veterinarian, Trainer and all others involved, records can be added directly to a horse’s profile in the stable.
Electronic Billing

Our system’s verification process enables veterinarians to send invoices to owners directly for the services provided, enabling a more efficient and accurate process for everyone involved.

Secure Microchip

Use of our integrated technologies allowing your horse’s chip to be the key to its health. This helps remove possible confusion about which horse received which checkup. The chip is scanned in person, and enables a new record to be added on the spot. This helps block fraudulent, or erroneous records from being attached to your horse’s health records.

Immutable Source of Truth

All horses managed on the EquineX platform have the opportunity to have a lifetime of health records available, even after a sale or ownership transfer. Where approved, the entire health records of a purchased horse are made available to new owners. This assists with transparency in the sale process, while ensuring the consistent and continued well being of your horse.

  • Private
  • Secure
  • Transferrable
Capture and record important and everyday information
This enables each horse to have its own set of professionals that have been authorized and pre-approved to communicate and interact, ensuring separation and privacy within your horse management system.
Proprietary Software

This comprehensive and collaborative, yet easy-to-use software platform, enables you to record commentary, collect and store photos and videos, create and send out invoices, and manage the day to day activity of your horse for a lifetime, efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind to every owner.

Realtime Collaboration

With everything stored securely in the cloud, you can access your records and your inner circle from anywhere, on all of your devices. With the combination of our web platform, and complimentary mobile app you will never be out of touch when you need it most.

Multiple Role Assignment

Our platform creates an environment where anyone associated with your horse (other owners, suppliers, and service professionals) can add permanent records and general commentary (observational or training notes) about a specific horse. By permanently capturing and recording specific information about a horse, we make it difficult for any individual to misrepresent a horse’s true records.

  • Learn from the experts
  • Access records from anywhere
  • Manage your own team
Manage each horse in real time, locally or remotely
Equinex also allows professionals in the inner circle to communicate with assistants, caretakers and other staff to manage horses in the stable, or in the veterinary office.

Eliminate duplicating efforts and unnecessary paperwork by storing all of your horse’s records on the EquineX platform. All those who contribute to the management, health and performance of your horse can access and add to its ongoing record.

Performance Optimization

Additionally, analyzing multiple sources of input from your horse’s inner circle, can provide pattern recognition and the ability to identify negative or positive trends. The efficiency of keeping accurate records may improve the performance and ultimately the value of your horse.

Increased R.O.I.

As a result of complete, accurate and secure veterinary record keeping, horses who have been well managed and cared for, may mean a higher sale price when sold. Owners have the option to choose which records get transferred to new trainers or owners.

  • Streamline communication
  • Manage from anywhere
  • Maximize returns
Ensuring clear communication about your horse’s health
The consistency and accuracy of your horse’s health records are of paramount importance. In order to ensure all veterinary procedures are checked and approved, the Equinex platform has integrated confirmation and security features.

The confirmation process for veterinary procedures will help ensure communication on all health events, avoid unnecessary procedures, and keep time-sensitive conditions managed and tracked. This feature empowers those responsible for your horse, and who may be managing a larger stable, a second check to make sure all health procedures are correct and necessary, before they are performed.

Foolproof Confirmations

Once a veterinarian completes a procedure, it is added to the horse’s record on the Equinex platform. The trainer or owner, as designated, will then be able to acknowledge and confirm their acceptance of this event. This feature ensures consistent communication from the stable to the office, and stores this confirmation along with each record.

Automated Recordkeeping

Once completed and approved, the complete health procedure will be made part of each horse’s Secure Veterinary Record. A symbol will appear to denote whether or not a procedure went through the review and verification process. This chain of communication will be linked to each record, ensuring transparency and accountability for everyone involved in your horse’s health.

  • Integrated administration
  • Consistent communication
  • Transparency and accountability
We aim to ensure integrity through transparency
We aim to ensure transparency in the day to day care of your horse and balance privacy and security with a focus on putting your horse’s health, safety and wellbeing first. Our platform allows you to track how medical procedures and training regiments affect and contribute to your horse’s general health and performance through complete and consistent record keeping.
Data Tracking

The structure of the EquineX platform has 2 tools, one for trainers and another for veterinarians; both custom tailored to meet their own particular needs. Their in-the-field record keeping for every horse in their care, feeds the core of the EquineX platform, ensuring an accurate and complete historical record for each owner to see.

Regulatory Compliance

The foundation of the Equinex platform has been designed and built to address and solve any potential problems within the equine industry that compromises the safety and wellbeing of racehorses and all horses that compete at a high level. Being accountable to the horse, the owners and all stakeholders in the equine industry, is the cornerstone of the EquineX philosophy, which is to ensure integrity through transparency.

Automated Recordkeeping

Once completed and approved, the complete health procedure will be made part of each horse’s Secure Veterinary Record. A symbol will appear to denote whether or not a procedure went through the review and verification process. This chain of communication will be linked to each record, ensuring transparency and accountability for everyone involved in your horse’s health.

  • Performance analytics
  • One-click recordkeeping
  • Data gathering
A complete suite of tools and apps
The EquineX “trainer tool” saves time and money, which means providing trainers and their staff more time to do what they’re being paid to do; and that’s training and caring for your horse to ensure the best possible outcomes.
Realtime Data

The EquineX “vet tool” is custom tailored to each vet’s needs, ensuring a reliable and real time tamperproof record of every medical procedure performed on your horse. For the veterinarian, being more efficient enables them to be more responsive to every horse’s needs.

Eliminate Overhead

Improved efficiency for the trainer and vet, means better overall management of each horse, resulting in peace of mind for the owner. Optimal efficiency in every regard eliminates duplication of efforts and unnecessary paperwork and in the event of a sale, owners have the option to decide which records to transfer to a new trainer or owners.

Information Integrity

Accurate and real time record keeping of every horse in the care of trainers, vets and their respective staffs, means state and provincial racing commissions, associations and all regulatory bodies, can be assured that all the information they receive on every horse; is accurate, reliable and authentic.

  • Fast and accurate
  • Faster responsiveness
  • Eliminates inefficiency