Record Your Secure Veterinary
Records On The Spot

The EquineX platform ensures that a secure, real-time and tamperproof record is established at that moment the procedure is performed. To ensure ease of use for the Veterinarian, Trainer and all others involved, records can be added directly to a horse’s profile in the stable.

Our system’s verification process enables veterinarians to send invoices to owners directly for the services provided, enabling a more efficient and accurate process for everyone involved.

Ensure Peace Of Mind For
Everyone Involved

Use of our integrated technologies allowing your horse’s chip to be the key to its health. This helps remove possible confusion about which horse received which checkup. The chip is scanned in person, and enables a new record to be added on the spot. This helps block fraudulent, or erroneous records from being attached to your horse’s health records.

For horses who are not yet chipped, tattoo and freeze brand identifiers are used to catalogue health records and assist veterinarians.

See our Review & Verification section to see how we help ensure communication between Veterinarian, Trainer, and supporting staff regarding required procedures for your horse.

Maintain An Ongoing Record
Throughout Your Horse's Lifetime

We balance privacy and security with a focus on putting your horse’s well being first.

All horses managed on the EquineX platform have the opportunity to have a lifetime of health records available, even after a sale or ownership transfer. Where approved, the entire health records of a purchased horse are made available to new owners. This assists with transparency in the sale process, while ensuring the consistent and continued well being of your horse.

See our Transparency and Integrity section for our commitment to the security and ongoing participation of horses in all disciplines.

To further understand how we manage and use your data, please see our Privacy Policy.

Start building your Digital
Equine Record today

Collaboration between your Vet, Trainer & On-Duty racetrack vets ensures continual tamper-proof entries into your Digital Equine Certificate. This ensures a full transparent record of every procedure that has been performed on your horse. This record becomes your property, should you want to sell your horse and earn a higher value. Your Digital Equine Certificate will also be available to governing bodies like racing commissions that will have the records they need on hand which make life a lot easier for everyone, especially vets. No need to dig around for tonnes of buried paperwork! At EquineX, we are here to help everyone that plays their roll within the eco-system of a horse’s management team, making their jobs and tasks, significantly more efficient.

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