Ensuring Clear Communication
About Your Horse's Health

The consistency and accuracy of your horse’s health records are of paramount importance. In order to ensure all veterinary procedures are checked and approved, the Equinex platform has integrated confirmation and security features.

The confirmation process for veterinary procedures will help ensure communication on all health events, avoid unnecessary procedures, and keep time-sensitive conditions managed and tracked. This feature empowers those responsible for your horse, and who may be managing a larger stable, a second check to make sure all health procedures are correct and necessary, before they are performed.

Review and Confirm Acceptance
of Each Procedure

When the review and confirmation feature is enabled, the trainer or owner, as designated, will be able to confirm the procedures administered to each horse.

Once a veterinarian completes a procedure, it is added to the horse’s record on the Equinex platform. The trainer or owner, as designated, will then be able to acknowledge and confirm their acceptance of this event.

This feature ensures consistent communication from the stable to the office, and stores this confirmation along with each record.

Confirmation For Your Records

Once completed and approved, the complete health procedure will be made part of each horse’s Secure Veterinary Record. A symbol will appear to denote whether or not a procedure went through the review and verification process.

This chain of communication will be linked to each record, ensuring transparency and accountability for everyone involved in your horse’s health.

Where appropriate, the integral health information from the Secure Veterinary Records can be shared with relevant associations. For more information see Transparency and Integrity.

More About EquineX Integrity & Transparency

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