Optimize Efficiency

The EquineX “trainer tool” saves time and money, which means providing trainers and their staff more time to do what they’re being paid to do; and that’s training and caring for your horse to ensure the best possible outcomes.

More Responsive Vet Work
And Data In Real Time

The EquineX “vet tool” is custom tailored to each vet’s needs, ensuring a reliable and real time tamperproof record of every medical procedure performed on your horse. For the veterinarian, being more efficient enables them to be more responsive to every horse’s needs.

The Bigger Efficiency In
Horse Paperwork

Improved efficiency for the trainer and vet, means better overall management of each horse, resulting in peace of mind for the owner. Optimal efficiency in every regard eliminates duplication of efforts and unnecessary paperwork and in the event of a sale, owners have the option to decide which records to transfer to a new trainer or owners.

Real-time Horse Records
And Accurate Information

Accurate and real time record keeping of every horse in the care of trainers, vets and their respective staffs, means state and provincial racing commissions, associations and all regulatory bodies, can be assured that all the information they receive on every horse; is accurate, reliable and authentic.

More About EquineX Veterinary Records

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