Equinex Aims to Ensure Integrity
Through Transparency

We aim to ensure transparency in the day to day care of your horse and balance privacy and security with a focus on putting your horse’s health, safety and wellbeing first. Our platform allows you to track how medical procedures and training regiments affect and contribute to your horse’s general health and performance through complete and consistent record keeping.

Equinex platform track your
horse progress

The structure of the EquineX platform has 2 tools, one for trainers and another for veterinarians; both custom tailored to meet their own particular needs. Their in-the-field record keeping for every horse in their care, feeds the core of the EquineX platform, ensuring an accurate and complete historical record for each owner to see.

Equinex is here to ensure that
your horse meets all regulations

The foundation of the Equinex platform has been designed and built to address and solve any potential problems within the equine industry that compromises the safety and wellbeing of racehorses and all horses that compete at a high level. Being accountable to the horse, the owners and all stakeholders in the equine industry, is the cornerstone of the EquineX philosophy, which is to ensure integrity through transparency.

EquineX platform will connect
you with potential partnerships

Built into the EquineX platform are features that will support potential partnerships amongst state and provincial racing commissions throughout North America, that with the cooperation of veterinary professionals, will provide complete and accurate detailed records for every horse in their care. With this collected data in hand, an “Interstate Compact” may be set up with all state and provincial racing commissions throughout North America. This agreement could include racing associations and even racetracks; granting them access as a super administrator by way of a back door to all veterinary/trainer records for every racehorse in North America.

Read more in our disclosure statement.

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