Inner Circle Communucation

This enables each horse to have its own set of professionals that have been authorized and pre-approved to communicate and interact, ensuring separation and privacy within your horse management system.

Capture and Record Important
and Everyday Information

This comprehensive and collaborative, yet easy-to-use software platform, enables you to record commentary, collect and store photos and videos, create and send out invoices, and manage the day to day activity of your horse for a lifetime, efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind to every owner.

Communicate With Your Inner
Circle About All Events Affecting
Your Horse

Communication can include everything from training updates, to injury notifications and even general commentary. Collectively, your team can create a real time and complete picture for each specific horse.

Access your Records from Anywhere, in Real Time

With everything stored securely in the cloud, you can access your records and your inner circle from anywhere, on all of your devices. With the combination of our web platform, and complimentary mobile app you will never be out of touch when you need it most.

Authorise your Inner Circle to
Contribute to your Horse's Record

Our email verification process enables the owner to authorise who is in your inner circle and can then add to your records and communicate with each other regarding the ongoing activities of your horse.

By assigning and accepting these roles, you have control over who can access and add to each profile.

Minimise Misrepresentation

Our platform creates an environment where anyone associated with your horse (other owners, suppliers, and service professionals) can add permanent records and general commentary (observational or training notes) about a specific horse. By permanently capturing and recording specific information about a horse, we make it difficult for any individual to misrepresent a horse’s true records.

More About EquineX Horse Management

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