Professionals Can Communicate
With Their Staff To Assist With
Horse Management

Equinex also allows Professionals in the inner circle to communicate with assistants, caretakers and other staff to manage horses in the stable, or in the veterinary office.

This critical feature, enables professionals to manage each horse in real time, whether in its presence or remotely; resulting in efficiency and the best possible outcome for each horse.

Optimize Management Efficiency

Eliminate duplicating efforts and unnecessary paperwork by storing all of your horse’s records on the EquineX platform. All those who contribute to the management, health and performance of your horse can access and add to its ongoing record.

Better Performance Through
Improved Efficiency

Additionally, analyzing multiple sources of input from your horse’s inner circle, can provide pattern recognition and the ability to identify negative or positive trends. The efficiency of keeping accurate records may improve the performance and ultimately the value of your horse.

Better Horse Management May
Result In A Higher Sale Price

As a result of complete, accurate and secure veterinary record keeping, horses who have been well managed and cared for, may mean a higher sale price when sold. Owners have the option to choose which records get transferred to new trainers or owners.

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