The Market for Equine Assets

The lucrative and exciting equine industry is a $300B market—now you can own a piece of it.


The market for equine assets

A fully-unified technology platform for buying and selling ownership interests in racehorses

For the first time ever, you can directly own interests in standardbred or thoroughbred racehorses, a top-performing asset previously only available to the ultra-wealthy.

Whether it is a horse that’s currently racing, a yearling colt or filly beginning their racing career, or a retired champion making future racehorses—gaining exposure to this growing asset has never been easier.

Shares include all training, veterinary, staking, transportation and insurance costs through December 31st, 2021.
Shares include a carried interest on all foals produced by Equinex Dreamer after retiring from racing (additional charges apply).


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Trainers and Advisors

Jimmy Takter
Jimmy Takter

A member of the U.S. Harness Racing Hall of Fame, horses trained by Takter have accumulated $120 million in earnings.

TRAINER OF THE YEAR DAN PATCH 1996, 2000, 2010, 2014-2016
Nancy Takter
Nancy Takter

With spectacular $8 million won by her trainees in 2020, she was voted USHWA Trainer of the Year.

Chris Beaver
Chris Beaver

With over 1,000 career training wins, he is one of the most decorated trainers in North America.



We provide the most comprehensive tools for every aspect of racehorse ownership

EquineX uses advanced analytics and a suite of proprietary technologies to make racehorse ownership simpler, more transparent, and efficient. This essential information allows trainers to optimize their horse’s performance both on and off the track.

Up-to-the-minute veterinary records

Your horse’s microchip is a key factor to ensuring your horse’s health and well-being, having a major impact on its performance both on and off the racetrack. The EquineX platform ensures that a secure, real-time and tamperproof record is established at that moment any procedure is performed. Forget paperwork, horse management becomes significantly more efficient with our Digital Equine Certificate.

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24/7 secure veterinary records at a moment’s notice
Tamperproof proprietary technology ensures an immutable source of truth
Health records are available even after a sale or ownership transfer, forever
Complete jobs and tasks, far more efficiently with a fully digital ecosystem
Capture and record important everyday information

This comprehensive and collaborative, yet easy-to-use software platform enables each horse to have its own set of professionals that have been authorized and pre-approved to communicate and interact, ensuring separation and privacy within your horse management system.

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Access your records and your inner circle from anywhere, on all of your devices
Record commentary, collect and store photos and videos
Manage, create and send invoices
Training updates, injury notifications, and general commentary
Manage each horse in real time

Communicate with assistants, caretakers and other staff to manage horses in the stable, or in the veterinary office—whether in its presence or remotely.

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Improve efficiency by streamlining vital communication
Communicate with staff and professionals from anywhere
Eliminate duplicate efforts and unnecessary paperwork
Ensuring clear communication about your horse's health

The consistency and accuracy of your horse’s health records are of paramount importance. In order to ensure all veterinary procedures are checked and approved, the Equinex platform has integrated confirmation and security features.

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Ensure communication on all health events, and avoid unnecessary procedures
Ensure all health procedures are correct and necessary, before they are performed
Manage and track time-sensitive conditions
Ensure transparency and accountability for everyone involved
Ensure integrity through transparency

We aim to ensure transparency in the day to day care of your horse and balance privacy and security with a focus on putting your horse’s health, safety, and wellbeing first.

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Track your horse’s general health and performance
Accurate and complete historical records for all stakeholders
Complete and consistent record keeping
Optimize efficiency

Our trainer and veterinarian tools save time and money, which means providing trainers and their staff more time to do what they’re being paid to do; and that’s training and caring for your horse to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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More responsive veterinarian work and data in realtime
Accurate, reliable and authentic up-to-the-minute horse records
Tamperproof records of every medical procedure

How to invest in racehorses

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What they’re saying

Race horses can yield big returns—2018 Triple Crown winner Justify sold for $500,000 as a yearling and is now worth $75 million.
For those looking to diversify their portfolio while potentially giving their money a little giddy-up, investing in thoroughbreds is an exciting avenue to take as an alternative investment, despite the risks.
If there’s an affordable and less risky way to buy a horse, it’s via some form of shared ownership, such as a partnership or syndicate. A share can often be had for as little as a few thousand dollars.
There is another way to diversify even if you don’t have deep pockets. You might say the sport of kings has morphed into the sport of partnerships. Winnings and losses are increasingly shared by racing partnerships.
It is no secret that horse racing is an elite business, attracting some of the wealthiest families in the world into its circle of owners.