Veterinary Records
Inner Circle
& Verification
& Transparency

On the Spot Recording for
Accuracy and Accountability

Secure Veterinary records can be collected in the stable and directly added to the Equinex platform. Our system uses integrated chip  technologies to verify that procedures are delivered as recorded.

Our secure record keeping process creates a streamlined system for all involved:
  • Veterinarians reduce paperwork, allowing invoices to be delivered directly through the platform.
  • Trainers are able to review and verify procedures remotely.
  • Owners are kept up to date with the ongoing health of their horse.

Veterinarians improve efficiency in their practice by recording and being able to invoice for those procedures as they perform them when registered on the EquineX platform.

Our system keeps your horse’s health as the top priority, reducing opportunity for inconsistent, erroneous or fraudulent health records.


Capture and Record Important
and Everyday Information

This comprehensive and collaborative, yet easy-to-use software platform, enables you to record commentary, collect and store photos and videos, create and send out invoices, and manage the day to day activity of your horse for a lifetime, efficiently and effectively, providing peace of mind to every owner.

For more information on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Policy.

– Communicate with your Inner Circle about all Events Affecting your horse
– Authorise your Inner Circle to Contribute to your Horse’s Record
– Access your Records from Anywhere, in Real Time
– Minimise Misrepresentation

Professionals can Communicate
with their Staff to Assist with
Horse Management

Equinex also allows Professionals in the inner circle to communicate with assistants, caretakers and other staff to manage horses in the stable, or in the veterinary office.

This critical feature, enables professionals to manage each horse in real time, whether in its presence or remotely; resulting in efficiency and the best possible outcome for each horse.

Optimise Management Efficiency

Eliminate duplicating efforts and unnecessary paperwork by storing all of your horse’s records on the EquineX platform.  All those who contribute to the management, health and performance of your horse can access and add to its ongoing record.


Review and Verification
of Medical Procedures

EquineX allows trainers and/or owners to request confirmation of all veterinary procedures. In order to ensure all procedures0 are necessary, requested and performed in a timely manner.

This helps to ensure that Secure Records are the most accurate and complete records for each horse registered on the EquineX platform.


Equinex Aims to Ensure
Integrity through Transparency

We aim to ensure transparency, both in the day to day care of your horse and throughout the racing and competition jurisdictions, by partnering with veterinary professionals and governing bodies, including industry associations, state or provincial racing commissions and racetracks. This level of cooperation will ensure that all participants are competing on a fair and level playing field.

We balance privacy and security with a focus on putting your horse’s well being first.

Our platform allows you to track how medical treatments and training regiments affect and contribute to your horse’s general health and performance through consistent record keeping.

By cooperating with industry associations and governing bodies, we can make sure that your horse’s health is always a priority and meets the highest possible standard, while protecting your personal data. Read more in our disclosure statement.


Optimise your Management
Efficiency by Keeping your
Records in One Place

Eliminate double working and unnecessary paperwork by storing all your horse’s records on the EquineX platform. All those who contribute to the management, health and performance of your horse can access and add to its ongoing record.

Additionally analysing multiple sources of input from your horse’s inner circle, can allow for pattern recognition and the ability to identify negative or positive trends. This efficiency can help you maintain or find way to increase its value and performance.

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